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To be deleted

So, after years of inactivity, I’ve decided to stop the webpage and only stick to soundcloud, mixcloud and the like.

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Wintermix 2012

Well, actually it says something about the time it was mixed, because the releasedates of the tracks range from 2010 untill now. The mix kicks off quite funky and innocent, but gradually turn into a monster! A monster to dance on that is.

If you like the mix, like it on the Macamba facebook (, since I was forced to disable comments here…

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New Allround sample

Ahhhh! The fruits of a very kick-ass gig @ The Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht. Mostly House and Disco oriented, but I was on fire! No more delay: enjoy!

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Studio down

I just moved to a new place and I always forget how much work it is to get everything back on track. Literaly :) . So the studio is still in boxes, although I have a Serato setup waiting for me. I’m so curious how that’ll work out. Especially with the vinyl.

So, I hope I can get settled in soon and get some new stuff out there. Untill then, enjoy the festive season and watch out for some more Macamba in 2011!

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SS Radioshow #2

So, as promised, I present SS radioshow 2 of 3. Expect some heavy duty booty bass. Turn up the stereo, dim the lights and make it hot & sweaty in there!

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Technical fail

Since nothing was recorded of the B2B session with cptnemo I tried to give you a home made treat of my own. I put some breakbeat, booty breaks and nu-funk in the mixing pot, added just a hint of dubstep and tried to put it all in the mixture. My decks disagreed and were mad at me for burning (and using) MP3 CD’s, created by the MS Vista burner. The decks went skipping like a monkey on speed, so it all sounded like an alien robot with loose screws. Not good. So I guess now I owe you!

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To be able to toy a bit with cptnemo’s Serato set was nice. I had to try if the laptop thing would suit me. Earlier I actually went from CD’s to Vinyl because I like to feel (and smell!) the media I use. I like to grab it and being able to give it to somebody who diggs the track it contains. Being able to, right. I’m not actually giving away my hard earned vinyl. :)

So, I was sceptic at first. As always cptnemo is the early adapter in the group, so he has a Serato set-up at home. We went fooling around a bit. Unfortunately we haven’t recorded anything, ’cause I actually got the hang of it. Being able to see the wave-form, to be able to see how the track builds-up (and tears down!) is good added value.

Serato also contains a good BPM counter and Key analyzer. Combine it with something called the Camelot wheel and before you know it, you are rocking the shit out of the place. The only downside of it all is the interface. We had to use the mouse a lot. There are some keyboard shortcuts, but I like to do some serious knobbing when I’m playing. Still, there are a lot of interfaces out there that solve that little problem. All things considered, I felt how good BPM counters and key analyzers can up your game. I think Pio’s CDJ-2k or the Denon S3700‘s are more my kind of new-school weapons of choice.

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WordPress skillz

The more I get into this WordPress thing, the more I’m liking it. Php secret are reveiled each time I try to change something. :) It doesn’t count towards the music output, but it’s still nice to be able to have your music availble on a neat webpage. Unfortunately I don’t have a testenvironment set-up so the page might look funny now and then when I try something new (or stupid :) ).

Still a shout out to all the people that contribute to WordPress. Makes it easy for people like me to show the world what we do. So, big up WordPress!

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Creativity Strikes

I always like the effect that creativity has when it strikes in a group. If one groupmember got some devine inspiration it’ll inspire the whole group. Take cptnemo of Mama’s Funky Flow for instance. He just went Serato on our asses and he has been posting mixes on his Soundcloud page like crrrrrrrrazy. Go check it if you like a good shot of nu-funk and breakbeat.

So the man has been sending out his mixes and that got me inspired to give the website a good fixer-upper :) . Besides that, we’ll be doing a B2B set which might be recorded and send out too! So keep your eyes open and stay tuned.

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SS Radioshow #3

OK, going backwards in time, I present SS Radioshow 3/3!

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